For a long time I felt guilty for wanting to get a breast augmentation (the “posh” word for boob job).

“If you truly loved yourself you wouldn’t want to change yourself” was a sentence that I often heard. But I wanted to feel comfortable in my body, love it and be HONEST about it.

If you truly loved yourself you would be brave enough to be honest about what you are struggling with within your body…& for me it was my flat chest.

My body was not always like this but after years of intense training & strict dieting, my body changed & I was struggling to accept it . Because lets all face it, when you drop a lot of body fat, the boobs are the first to go. And the longer you stay that lean, the more it becomes permanent.


I didn’t feel feminine & I felt as if something was “missing”. I saved up for 7 years before I could get surgery. It gave me time to think about  WHY I wanted it. It also gave me time to address any emotional or mental challenges that might be associated with plastic surgery.

So to be clear straight from the start, I don’t have a problem with plastic surgery at all. What I DO have a problem with, are individuals who are not being honest about it. Especially when it comes to promoting their bodies as part of their job in the health & fitness industry or using it to sell a product as an “influencer”.

Don’t tell me you got that XXX butt & size 0 waist by just drinking protein shakes & doing squats & crunches….I have worked for 2 decades in the industry and have seen many different individuals transform their bodies in amazing ways. Along with that I have developed a skillful eye for knowing when it is pure hard work and when it is “assisted”.

But here is the thing. There is NOTHING wrong with having some “assistance” from your surgeon, just be honest about it (& responsible).

Everyone knows I didn’t get my cleavage from doing pushups, I had a breast augmentation and I have never hidden that fact.

I believe the same can be said for steroid use. You have the right to do what you want with your body  but be honest about it. That is a topic within itself, especially in the arena of competing, but that aside……if you “use” & you are promoting a “physique”, be honest about it.


I think the challenge comes in when people think surgery will change their self-worth, inner beliefs or heal their health problems.


Getting your stomach stapled or having liposuction is not going to heal the destructive relationship you may have with your body or the eating disorder you may be struggling with due to unhealed past trauma.

FIRST, understand the underlying reasons WHY you are wanting plastic surgery.

AND is surgery the ONLY WAY to solve it?


If there is “pre-work” you can do (like lifestyle changes, counseling, therapy, nutritional changes, increase physical activity etc etc), FIRST do that and then go for surgery.


Sadly, plastic surgery has been abused in so many ways, not just by the clients but the doctors as well. Extreme cases are not good examples of role models or someone to look up too. Many times those extreme cases are dealing with mental & emotional challenges and traumas and they are using plastic surgery as an escape or in search of an answer.


However if it is done right under the correct circumstances and with the right lifestyle changes & support, it can be a wonderful thing.


Yes, some may still believe that self-love is about accepting yourself AS YOU ARE, but then other things need to be considered. I classify wearing make up, fake eye lashes, fake nails, fake tan, hair extensions & hair dye, in the same box as plastic surgery. You are changing your physical appearance to enhance it & make yourself feel better.


All these things are part of the evolving modern human, but it’s OUR responsibility to use it wisely and to BE HONEST about it!

CONCLUSION on Plastic Surgery

YOU have the right to choose what is right for you & your body.

BE HONEST about who you are and what you have done ESPECIALLY if you are in the health & fitness industry & you are promoting a physique.

Do the “pre-work” first. UNDERSTAND WHY you are wanting it and what the underlying cause may be for you wanting to change your body.

Place your health 1st!

Do it for your self-love journey NOT to try win the love of someone else.

DON’T judge the person who has had work. You may not agree with it (completely ok), but judgment in itself is NOT self-love. It’s body shaming….wish them the best and do what feels right for you.

The Body Freedom Tribe



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