Meet Jody

“20 years ago I started a journey I had no idea would lead me to where I am today…”

Hello! My name is Jody Calitz & I am a woman in her 30’s ( born in 1985 if you are wondering about specifics 😉 ) sharing her journey to body freedom.

It has been a long road of self-discovery & learning to love my body without fear, judgment or rejection. And to be honest I am still traveling that road because it is not a one-time event but rather a lifelong journey.

I have been in the health & fitness industry for over 2 decades and have a list of “credentials & achievements” to sugar coat the appeal … but in all honesty, that is not what has got me to where I am within my body today.

It has been the devastating losses, fearful “failures” & exhaustive challenges that have truly defined the woman I am & changed the relationship I have with my body.

I have NEVER fitted into societies definition of “beautiful” or “sexy” or “attractive”. For most of my younger life, I felt odd, ugly & a misfit.

Growing up, I had red curly hair with freckles covering my whole body. Physically, I always felt awkward & my body developed quicker than most of the other girls. The clothes I wore never had name brands & I use to hate my picture been taken…I actually use to feel sick every time there was a camera around.

Some might read this and think “does it really matter”? YES, it does! It matters because when you are a young girl, who is bullied every day & feels at odds with the world, it DOES matter! It affects how you grow up, view the world & the woman you become.

In turn, this has an influence on every other aspect of our lives. From the careers we choose to the relationships we have.

How we feel about ourselves, our bodies and our worthiness have a direct impact on our lives & the world around us.

When I was growing up, there was no social media or easy access to the digital world. However, that has drastically changed. Body shaming & bullying is not just on the “playground” anymore. It is now in our homes through the screens we view.

And women experience it at ALL ages! From as young as 5 to as old as 65, they feel the pressure for physical perfection & the need to look a certain way to be liked & accepted. 

I have overcome severe bullying (including as an adult), survived multiple eating disorders & battled my way through soul-destroying anxiety to blossom into the woman I am today.

I’m not perfect. I don’t conform to a certain size or shape or look or weight or education or status….but what I am is 100% authentic, honest & brave enough to be me.

I am choosing to be real & vulnerable on my journey of growth & discovery which I want to share with you here in this space.

 Remember that you are not alone. I want to give you hope that things will get better even when they feel at their worst.

I want to show you that you can become your most gorgeous self without conforming to social stigmas. I want to inspire & motivate you every day. I want you to become the woman you were meant to be…. Brave, beautiful & unapologetically YOU! 

The images you see above are not a comparison of what is “right & wrong”….good or bad….happy or sad. It is to show you how we all travel our own journeys to evolve & become who we are today. YOU get to choose who YOU want to be, whether it has a “label” or not.

Become your own cheerleader, role model & biggest supporter…and I want to be there behind you, supporting you all the way!

If I could give advice to the little Jody 25 years ago, it would be this:

“Don’t shy away Jody. You are beautiful, you are ENOUGH & you can become ANYTHING your heart desires. Don’t be afraid to fall my darling, because that is how you learnt to fly!”


  • Women’s Fitness & Wellness Specialist (Exercise Training Academy – Sports Science Institute)
  • Nutritionist (Specializing in Plant-Based) (Exercise Training Academy – Sports Science Institute)
  • Advanced Personal Trainer -(Exercise Training Academy – Sports Science Institute) 5000+ hours
  • Advanced Group Trainer (Exercise Training Academy – Sports Science Institute & Virgin Active) 8000+ hours
  • Spinning Instructor (Reebok)
  • Eating Disorder & Body Image counselor (Hope House Training Centre)
  • Marie Forleo B-School Business Program 2015
  • Mastin Kipp – Wellness Professionals Prosper Program 2017


  • WBFF Pro Judge – South Africa Championships 2016
  • 6th placing WBFF World Championships 2015
  • 5th placing Europe championships 2014
  • WBFF Pro International Bikini Athlete 1st placing South Africa 2014
  • IFBB National Championships 3rd Place
  • IFBB WP Bikini 1st place

published & featured

  • Women’s Health SA
  • Fitness Magazine SA
  • Muscle Evolution
  • The Yoga Journal (cover)
  • Fit Life Magazine
  • Green Monday SA
  • Leaders In Wellness
  • Wellness Warehouse Magazine
  • 2 Oceans Vibe Radio 

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